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“ART” at The House Restaurant

ART at “The House Restaurant” 4 Main Street, Howth, Co. Dublin

Featuring Artist Christine Bowen On Monday 28th 7.00pm – 9.00pm April’14

The Exhibition will be officially opened by Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Jimmy Deenihan TD


"ART” at The House is a collaboration between The House Restaurant and Cathy Boyle - a former Director of the Blue Leaf Gallery. Art and food have always had a harmonious relationship. Similar to gallery owners who champion the work of emerging artists, restaurateurs like Karl Dillon are doing so too. This new Art space ( will provide a strong supportive platform for emerging, mid career, and established artists.“ART at the House” inaugural show, at the House Restaurant, Main Street, Howth Co. Dublin, features established Artist Christine Bowen.


"Christine Bowen lives and practices in Kenmare, Co. Kerry.The work within this exhibition is a continuum of her land and sea imagery and archaeological elements with references to the historical ie King Criutham, whose fortress was on the Baily Lighthouse site, Grace O'Malley and St. Nessan also feature. Bowen recently completed a 28 foot wall mural at Sheen Falls Lodge titled " At St. Finians Well"with rhododendrons, fish and text, so she found the transition in the Howth subject has many parallels."


“Bowen has a real feel for paint and manages to orchestrate a range of textures in a single painting. One part might have traces of the initial drawing, another built up with airy transparent layers, some areas incised while others culminate in thick juicy impasto. Because Bowen works from memory rather than life, she doesn't get caught up in fussy detail but concentrates on essential elements of the motif. What makes the paintings so engaging is that Bowen allows herself to let go of the original motif, letting her imagination wander into new, unexpected territory."

Frances Ruane