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Artist Sorca O’Farrell

“Towards the Light”

Exhibition runs from Monday 17th November’14 until 7th December’14

“For many years Sorca O'Farrell has walked the hills of her native Howth and with this impressive new collection of work she brings us along with her. Her visual exploration and extensive research of her subject matter draw us into her world, where we are taken on a journey from darkness to light. The eye is drawn from the blackness of the foregrounds to glimmers of colour and light towards the horizon, conjuring up the phenomenon of new growth after mountain gorse fires. This transition also suggests possibilities for hope and reinvention, the drawn paths and fields leading towards and through the vividness of sunlight and wild heather. O'Farrell has developed a technique of building up her images using a process of adding and subtraction - layering on and erasing marks using charcoal and paint until the final surface texture is arrived at. This gives us highly personal works of great depth and tension which summon up images of windblown grass, changing landscapes and her well-travelled path.”

Una Sealy A.R.H.A.

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