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Illuminate Exhibition Artist Corrina Earlie

‘Art at’ The House Restaurant, 4 Main Street, Howth, Co. Dublin

‘Illuminate’ Artist Corrina Earlie Exhibition

runs from 15 th May’17 until 5 th June’17

Corrina Earlie’s paintings each tell a short story in capsule form: children’s toys are abandoned on a deserted beach; a no-parking sign stands forlornly in a misty field, where no one is ever likely to want to park; a seaside resort is shrouded in rain. The compositions are pared back, meticulously edited, to pinpoint the essence of the scene at a particular moment in time, and to evoke suggestion and meaning. The effects of light play a dramatic part in the works. They appear to be illuminated from within, a glow emanates. She often paints her subjects in early morning, or evening light, when shadows are long and colours are intense. These transitionary times of day are full of possibility, of the day ahead, or the evening to come. There is nostalgia and future hope tied up in the same image. A powerful combination. Other works celebrate the joy of midday by the coast, whether it’s the blues of sea and sky near the artist’s home in Howth, or the more rugged environs of County Clare, where she also paints, with its rural expanses and vernacular architecture. East and West feel different, but the same elements are at work: selecting, editing, composing, suggesting narratives. These small works are hard won. Her process involves building up the paint in multiple layers, often sanding back in between, until the desired surface and intensity of colour is achieved. It takes time and patience, but brings a depth to the image that cannot be obtained by short-cuts. The results are beautifully composed and crafted vignettes, a visual diary recording a unique vision.

Una Sealy RHA

Artist Statement

" I feel very grateful to live beside the sea in Howth, Co. Dublin and to spend holidays on the West coast of Ireland in Lahinch Co. Clare. They are both so different, yet similar at the same time in providing ever changing light, skies, shores and sands, endless inspiration for my love of colour. I've always been attracted to really bright intense colours, but lately feel drawn to softer more subtle and atmospheric ones too. The process involves many many layers of paint sanded back and painted over again and again, until I've captured the density and essence of the colours. I like to think of the paintings as windows into my life, silent walks, fleeting moments, my sense of place, all suspended in time in these small squares."

Corrina Earlie

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