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Inaugural Exhibition of Artist Sarah Gallagher

Art at The House Restaurant

4 Main Street, Howth, Co. Dublin.

Inaugural Exhibition of Artist Sarah Gallagher

Sense of Surroundings

Exhibition runs From Tuesday 18th October until Monday 8th November’16

‘Portmarock Estuary’

Sarah is one of those exceptional artists who brings a personal poetic vision to her considerable artistic skills. 

Her landscape and seascape paintings are imbued with a strong sense of the rhythm and flow of nature, and delivered with a fresh, intuitive assurance. Sarah finds her subject matter close to her home in Howth - trees bent in the wind, a cloud filled sky, moving water, cliff face and rocky shore.  Her paintings have an atmospheric quality, energised by  broad, flowing brush strokes and strongly textured knife marks. Sparks of unexpected colour dance on the surface of the canvas and delight the eye. Sarah's paintings are above all a true expression of her reflective and creative spirit - full of colour, passion, life and heart. 'Brenda Malley'

“My current work is mainly focused on colour and mood, constantly seeing potential works in my everyday environment.  I enjoy painting the ever changing seasons – the barren trees of winter, the green blues of a summer sea, grey skies with light  seeping through, clouds and haze. Forever soothed by Nature’s harmony of colours  and textures.  I very much  appreciate the appeal of the place where I live, as it inspires and enriches me every single day” Sarah Gallagher

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