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“Art at” The House Restaurant ‘Winter Exhibition’

Featuring Artists

Susan Early, Aoife Scott, Pamela Leonard, Jenny Lane & Julie Ann Haines

Exhibition Runs from 1st December until 28th December’15

Susan Early ‘Familiar Irish landscapes, which she has recorded through drawings and photographs, tend to form the basis of much of her work. Structures, buildings, the topography of a landscape, studied in the context of their immediate environment are all explored. The effect of light and shade on strong forms in the landscape, expressed as tones or through fine line shading is evident in her work’.

Aoife Scott ‘Aoife Scott’s practice is concerned with solidifying and preserving while at the same time re-inventing memories and specific moments through the printing process. The copper plate is used as a medium to reactivate and explore these memories as well as creating and capturing new ones, while fixing them together within the surface of the plate’.

Julie Ann Haines ‘Julie is attracted initially by colour and light falling on a subject but is always captivated by an overwhelming sense of presence and stillness in the places she chooses to depict. She can be aware of a subject matter for years, in some cases passing it daily before it presents itself in a format which she finally wants to paint’.

Jenny Lane‘Jenny Lane studied at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology and has worked at the Graphic Studio Dublin since the early 1970s. She specialises in woodblock printing and has exhibited widely in Ireland and abroad. For decades, trees have been both a fascination and an inspiration for Jennifer. The tree is a double-edged symbol, simultaneously evoking both the scars of the past and the possibilities of the future’.

Pamela Leonard ‘Pamela’s love of landscape has led her to create images set in areas she knows well, giving them an enduring and timeless quality. Through her skill as a printmaker, she has developed a methodology for printing multiple colours using only two plates, yet creating great depth through line and tone by overlapping primary colours’.

Detailed CV’s and Biographies available on each of the Artists from “Art at” the House Restaurant.

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